The surroundings

Bus stop

The bus stop is only 250m away from the Duinhuisje and takes you to Amsterdam/Haarlem or to Zandvoort Center! Click on more information for the most recent timetable!

Amsterdam Center:

Do you want to visit the big city? There is so much to do in our capital that it is almost impossible to describe! From restaurants to museums, from shops to a city trip.

Haarlem Center

Shop, have a drink and discover one of the most beautiful cities in our country! Visit Haarlem, the city of culture and history, but also of the beautiful shops and cozy restaurants. Would you like more information about Haarlem?

Circuit Zandvoort

4.3km distance

Just a few kilometers away from your accommodation you will find the phenomenal Grand Prix circuit of Zandvoort. View the track and taste the atmosphere of the area. Want to go one step further? You can even rent the race track for a (part) day!

Beachcombers Museum

2.3km away

No need for beachcombing yourself, but are you curious about what can be found on the beach? The Beachcombers Museum takes you into the world of found objects.

Zandvoort Museum

2.2km distance

Curious about the history of Zandvoort? The Zandvoorts museum is the center for art and history. Discover and experience the history of this beautiful village!

Amsterdam Water Supply Dunes

80m distance

Discover approximately 3400 hectares of dunes and nature! The dune is no less than 5 km wide and 10 km long. Walk one of the beautiful hiking trails and spot the most beautiful animals!

South Kennemerland National Park

6,5km distance

Cycling, swimming, horseback riding or the Thijsse Tour? It is all possible in the Zuid-Kennemerland National Park. With a bit of luck you will spot the big 5; Fallow Deer, Bison, Konik Horses, Scottish Highlanders and Foxes! Enjoy the endless view and the tranquility.

Center of Zandvoort

1,5km away

There is a lot to do and experience in the center of Zandvoort! Think of a visit to the cinema, the shopping center or enjoy the delicious (fish) restaurants in the area! More information? Press the button!

Bazaar Beverwijk

19km away

The Bazaar; the place where stalls, outlets and shops come together and form a cozy and varied whole. The largest covered market in Europe. With 1200 shops and more than 60 food stands, this is an absolute must to experience!

Note: Bazaar Beverwijk is only open on weekends!